MA 1505 Mathematics I

MA 1505 Tutorial 1: Derivative

MA 1505 Tutorial 2: Integration

MA 1505 Tutorial 3: Taylor Series

MA 1505 Tutorial 5: Fourier Series

MA 1505 Tutorial 6: Partial Derivatives and Directional Derivative

MA 1505 Tutorial 7: Integration of Two Variables Functions

MA 1505 Tutorial 8: Surface Area and Volume

MA 1505 Tutorial 9 and 10: Line Integral and Green’s Formula

MA 1505 Tutorial 11: Surface Integral, Divergence Theorem and Stokes Theorem


MA 1505 Tutorials on 2013-2014 Semester 1:

Tutorial_1       Tutorial_2      Tutorial_3      Tutorial_4

Tutorial_5      Tutorial_6       Tutorial_7      Tutorial_8

Tutorial_9      Tutorial_10     Tutorial_11

2013-2014 Semester 1: Tutorial Time Slots


09:00-10:00, D12, E3-06-08

11:00-12:00, D07, E1-06-04

14:00-15:00, C07, E1-06-03

16:00-17:00, A06, E1-06-03

MA 1505 Tutorials on 2014-2015 Semester 1:

Tutorial_1     Tutorial_2     Tutorial_3     Tutorial_4

Tutorial_5     Tutorial_6     Tutorial_7     Tutorial_8

Tutorial_9     Tutorial_10  Tutorial_11

2014-2015 Semester 1: Tutorial Time Slots


09:00-10:00, D18, TP-SR1

12:00-13:00, A05, ERC-SR3

14:00-15:00, A13, ERC-SR3

16:00-17:00, D14, ERC-ALR


15:00-16:00, D03, ERC-SR3

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