Real and Complex Dynamics

Text Books:

Complex Analysis:

Lars V. Ahlfors-Conformal Invariants Topics in Geometric Function Theory

Lars V. Ahlfors-Möbius transformations in several dimensions

Lars V. Ahlfors, L. Sario-Riemann Surfaces

Lectures on Quasiconformal Mappings-Ahlfors

Joel L.Schiff- Normal Families

Complex Dynamical Systems:

Complex Dynamics-Carleson   complex dynamics(纠错).err

Dynamics in One Complex Variable-Milnor

Complex Dynamics and Renormalization CurtisT.McMullen

Iteration of Rational Functions

Ergodic Theory:

Conformal Fractals – Ergodic Theory Methods

One Dimensional Dynamical Systems:

Mathematical_Tools for one dimensional dynamics

One Dimensional Dynamics-demelo-strien

MY Notes:


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