Sample Papers:

AnalysisQEsample AnalysisQEsample2

Complex Analysis before 2009:

0001 S2 Complex Analysis

0102 S1 Complex Analysis 0102 S2 Complex Analysis

0203 S1 Complex Analysis 0203 S2 Complex Analysis

0304 S1 Complex Analysis 0304 S2 Complex Analysis

0405 S1 Complex Analysis 0405 S2 Complex Analysis

0506 S1 Complex Analysis 0506 S2 Complex Analysis

0607 S1 Complex Analysis 0607 S2 Complex Analysis

0708 S1 Complex Analysis 0708 S2 Complex Analysis

Real Analysis before 2009:

0001 S2 Analysis

0102 S1 Analysis 0102 S2 Analysis

0203 S1 Analysis 0203 S2 Analysis

0304 S1 Analysis 0304 S2 Analysis

0405 S1 Analysis 0405 S2 Analysis

0506 S1 Analysis 0506 S2 Analysis

0607 S1 Analysis 0607 S2 Analysis

0708 S1 Analysis

Real and Complex Analysis after 2009:

0809-Sem1-Analysis 0809-Sem1-Analysis_sol

0809-Sem2-Analysis 0809-Sem2-Analysis_sol

0910-Sem1-Analysis 0910-Sem1-Analysis_sol


1011-Sem1-Analysis 1011-Sem2-Analysis

1112-Sem1-Analysis 1112-Sem2-Analysis

1213-Sem1-Analysis 1213-Sem2-Analysis

Analysis QE 2011-2014


7 thoughts on “Analysis”

      1. I guess I got one, look like Sem 1 AY 2010-2011 but I left it 10,000km far away :D. I guess all graduate students from math department have, you can ask from them ;).


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