Prediction of Middle Term Test

Module:                 MA 1505 Mathematics I

Time:                     1 hours ( 60 minutes )

Questions:            10 Multiple Choice Questions.

Average speed:     6 minutes per question.

Scores:                  20% in final score.

The contents in high school:

Trigonometric functions, some basic inequalities and identities.

Questions in middle term test:

Question 1. Derivatives, Tangent line of a function, Intersection point of tangent line and x-axis, y-axis. Basic Rules of differentiation, Chain Rule.

Question 2. Critical points of a function, how to calculate the maximum and minimum value of a function.

Question 3. Integration by parts, integrate trigonometric functions.

Question 4. Fundamental theorem of calculus.

Question 5. Find the area which is bounded by some curves.

Question 6. Mathematical models. ( e.g. light and ball drop, ship and so on).

Question 7. Radius of convergence of a power series, the interval of convergence of a power series.

Question 8. Calculate the Taylor series of functions, Calculate the coefficients of Taylor series.

Question 9. How  to use Taylor series to calculate the solution of an equation.

Question 10. How to use Taylor series to calculate the summation of some series. ( Integration and differentiation).

Question 11. The length of a curve, the tangent line of a curve.

Question 12. Dot product and cross product of two vectors, equation of planes, normal vector of a plane, distance between a point and a plane.


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