Mueen Keogh算法

论文:Exact Discovery of Time Series Motifs


Speeded up Brute Force Motif Discovery:


但是感觉有一行比较奇怪,应该是 Dist_{I(j+offset)}-Dist_{I(j)} < best-so-far,而不是Dist_{I(j)}-Dist_{I(j+offset)} < best-so-far,因为 D_{I(j)} 是递增排列的,并且 best-so-far > 0.

Speeded up brute force motif discovery

Generalization to multiple reference points:


for j = 1 to m-offset 而不是 for j = 1 to R

nicholasg3 MK_Motif_discovery

MK Motif Discovery

Time Series Clustering with Dynamic Time Warping (DTW)







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